Why have a Trainer?

One of the main reasons individuals will work with a trainer is for accountability. Through online services, my clients check in with me on a routine basis. For those who feel they need added guidance, phone consultations can be arranged as well. Usually 20-30 minutes time is needed.


For those who are not in the area, or who are looking for specific plans to help you reach your goals on your own, I also offer Online Services.

  • Customized Personal Training
  • Customized Nutrition Prescription
  • Customized Personal Training + Nutrition Prescription Combinations
  • Individualized Macro Configuration
  • Meal plans + Macro Configuration
  • 4 Week Shred at Home Program (Available Virtually)
  • Consultations + Accountability

4 Week



  • Routine for toning up and building at home
  • Only dumbbells are needed
  • Focus on 1-2 body parts per workout session
  • Cardio and abs
  • Can start anytime