Why I Thought losing weight and restricting my food would change my life

When I first took an interest in the Health & Fitness Industry along came the intensity of what I should and shouldn't eat to be lean.
I desperately wanted to be lean and have a six-pack. At what extreme would I be willing to get there? Turned out a lot.
I desperately wanted to be able to wear my bikini with the utmost confidence. Hold my own in various social circles of trying to be the leanest and not feel less than perfect.
I wanted to just feel good about myself. Completely.

I was in Junior High called Thunder Thighs in the school hallway. I was a gymnast so I naturally had bigger thighs which were full of muscle.
I believed getting leaner would help the self image I saw of myself. It would change the way I saw myself in a mirror. I couldn't have been more wrong.

My social feeds are flooded with thousands of images of lean and muscular individuals living what seems to an amazing, happy life with plenty of freedom and having fun at the same time.
Restricting my food to weigh (for me) 130lbs was completely miserable for me. Not only did I take complete food groups out of my diet but also had a massive obsession with weighing my food and making sure I was on track with my macros every. single. day. I would stress if my husband asked me to go out to dinner. To worried about going over my calories to honestly have any sort of fun. I would skip ice cream dates with my family because I deemed that food unhealthy and not in my plan to attain this sense of freedom with becoming the leanest I could be. Did I ever reach this so called freedom? No. For me, I was miserable. Now am I saying that every single time you should partake in the ice social event. No. What I'm saying is if you obsess about food in the way I did constantly measuring and weighing said food to the perfect gram and you are still miserable then maybe it's time to overhaul your current obsession and go more inward as opposed to looking outward.

The journey is messy. It's darn right hard sometimes especially when it comes to food. If you binge on the weekends because all week you starved yourself or restricted your calories then most likely you are going over your calories and undoing all of your hard work during the week.

If you feel unbalanced and want to obtain a steady rhythm then I suggest instead of always focusing on the external piece of your shell maybe perhaps it's time to go further in. Focus on being the best version of yourself. I want you to win. I want you to win at the not so pretty times you struggle with your body or your self image. I want you to win and realize that no matter how much weight you lose or fat loss you have that unless you win on the inner messy stuff first, the lost weight or thin skin won't really make that big of difference. The feelings will still be there even when the weight is gone so working on them while you are making healthier more balanced decisions one meal, one thought at a time will be your biggest gift.

I'm here if you want to chat.

It’s incredible how ENOUGH you are

It’s incredible how ENOUGH you are

You are Enough.